Environmental Sustainability

Climate change is the biggest threat facing human civilisation. The impacts of a warming climate are already being witnessed, and it is the poorest and most vulnerable people who feel the impacts first, and most severely. In Ghana, changing rainfall patterns heavily impact the 44% of the population employed in the agricultural sector. Environmental sustainability must be incorporated into every aspect of life and creates numerous opportunities to provide better more inclusive livelihoods.

Our environmental sustainability work plays out across three main programmes: practical renewable energy courses, tree planting and marine biodiversity conservation.

Dream Renewables first ran in 2019 and aimed to provide young adults with practical experience in designing and making renewable energy systems. The course was a great success and returned for its second edition in 2020.

Through our Ghanaian partner NGO Denyigba Lorlor, we fund tree planting efforts throughout the Volta Region.

Dzita Turtle Protection patrols the beaches at night, ensuring nesting turtles can lay their eggs in peace before returning to the sea.