Denyigba Lorlor NGO

Denyigba Lorlor NGO sits on 3.5 acres of lush forest and farmland near Wli falls, in the central mountainous area of the Volta Region. The land is farmed organically using traditional, sustainable methods.

The NGO engages the local community in planting trees to preserve and repopulate the forest. At the local scale trees provide food, medicinal products, shade from the sun, improved soil quality and hydrological functions. At the national scale, trees and forests promote climate change adaption. In 2019, Denyigba Lorlor NGO donated 1500 saplings to local people and their growth is being monitored closely. With the help of local government agencies and volunteers, the tree planting programme the tree planning programme has expanded significantly.

Denyigba Lorlor NGO promotes traditional African approaches to well-being and lifestyle, celebrating local traditions and delivering sought-after music and painting workshops. The workshops help young people to understand their heritage and express their creativity, thus improving their educational prospects and developing local leaders.