Arts and Culture

The UN’s 2030 Agenda sees cultural heritage as a prime enabler of sustainable development. Embracing Ghanaian culture will ensure Ghana develops the Ghanaian way. A country of wonderful art and a renowned music scene, we want to ensure that cultural heritage and creativity is fully incorporated into our community development projects.

We fund community arts programmes at Denyigba Lorlor NGO, where the founder is himself a professional artist. Providing mentorship to talented young people can help them turn their art onto their livelihood.

We have helped to establish an annual ‘Meet Me There Weekender’ music festival held at Meet Me There Lodge in Dzita. The music festival showcases up and coming West African artists to an international audience and is a source of pride and self-esteem as well as income in the local community. We are working towards building, equipping and sustaining a community-led music studio that will unleash the potential for local artists, provide employment and offer opportunities for responsible tourism and collaborative projects.