Dzita Turtle Protection

Dzita Turtle Protection is an initiative set up in 2013 to protect the sea turtles who come ashore to lay their eggs on a 20 km stretch of the Atlantic coast near the village of Dzita. Turtle hunting is illegal in Ghana, but local people struggle to make ends meet and turtles can provide a lot of food for a family.

The turtle laying season in Dzita runs from October to March.  Dzita Turtle Protection employs a team of six local fisherman who patrol the beach for 3 hours either side of the high tide.  This provides employment for local people.

Often the team is called out by someone in the community who has seen a turtle laying her eggs or has seen one being captured. The patrol team aims to protect and sometimes rescue the mother turtle, helping her to return to the sea. Dzita Turtle Protection also relocates the eggs to a place that is safe from scavenging dogs and protects the young hatchlings, helping them to find their way to the sea.